Aylesbury has never seen so much rock...

posted by Zeke 09/06/10

One man, over twenty-four hours of non-stop Guitar Hero action. Can it be done? Will we achieve the Guinness World Record? Does it really matter?

Scroll past the vid for more details. Raaawk!



Questions - frequently asked ones, at that

posted by Zeke 07/06/10

Q. So what's the deal-e-o?

A. With a fire in my heart and a plastic guitar in my hand, I contacted Guinness and asked them if anyone had done a single player marathon run. They said "Nopers! You do it!". Actually, they asked me to fill out a lengthy application form and wait six weeks. Then they told me I could totally do it and that the benchmark would be set at 24 hours minimum.

Q. When and where are you doing it? Your bedroom?

A. The date is Saturday, June 26. Time: starts 10am, end when my arm inevitably falls off.

As for the location, Dan Blasor, ultra-studly DJ extraordinaire, has kindly organized the whole thing for me at his venue: Stars Bar and Cafe, Market Square, Aylesbury.

Q. Why, though?

A. We're raising money for the Stoke Mandeville spinal unit, one of the best causes we can think of. So come along and put some money in the pot, y'hear? We're selling tickets for the overnight portion of the event as well, so that should generate a big wad of cash.

Also, I'll relish the opportunity of reminding people that I have a World Record in Totally Rocking Out every time I have a conversation with someone for the next sixty years.

Q. Come along, you say? Tickets, you say?

A. Why yes! It's free to come along and the drinks are oh-so cheap. You can even play Guitar Hero with us, or join in the karaoke (I'll be doing the record attempt in the cocktail lounge so as to not interrupt the revellers who really couldn't care less).

If you want to hang around after 3am on the Sunday though to witness the final stretch of the marathon, you'll need a ticket. They're priced at 10 and WILL NOT be sold on the day, so contact Dan via his Facebook in advance and all will be good in the world.

Q. So you're really going to play for 24 hours?

A. Longer, if I don't collapse.

Q. What are the rules? Do you get breaks?

A. This is literally the most FAQ of the FAQ. Yes, I get a few scant breaks during the run in order to... er, relieve myself of all the energy drinks I'll be downing. But for what they're worth, calling them 'breaks' is a bit strong.

As for the rest of the rules, there are about four hundred pages of them and they're pretty hairy. The main ones: I must not be inactive for any longer than 20 SECONDS while playing, and that includes menu screens (but excluding loading time), otherwise it's game over. I can only play one game from the Guitar Hero series (we're going with 5, which is better for people to jump in and out and doesn't have many menu screens).

Q. I could totally stay awake for 24 hours!

A. Could you stay awake for more like 36 hours by the time you get up to prepare for the event? Could you stare at a screen filled with moving dots for 24 hours? Can you do this while you feel tendonitis take over your ungodly hand position? How many times can you listen to Taylor Swift before your mind shatters like dropped porcelain?

Q. Still not put off!

A. It's a record, and records are made to be broken. If you think you've got the stones, go for it!

Q. Will there be a Guinness official at the event?

A. I looked into this, because it's easier than submitting the masses of evidence they require to certify the record. Do you know how much they charge? 3,000 per day. And that's before expenses - so depending on what they class as a 'day', we're looking at about 7k.

Looks like I'll be submitting the masses of evidence they require to certify the record, then.

Q. What if you fail?

A. I'll feel very, very silly.

Q. I need to contact you or Dan.

A. Contact details and things up on the right, but here's our e-mail addresses again just for kicks:

Zeke: zeke [at] stars-power [dot] com
Dan: E-mail him here.




Starting 26th June at the Stars Bar we'll be playing Guitar Hero for at least twenty-four hours, without interruption, for a Guinness World Record. It'll go down in Aylesbury history, but we can't do this without you guys...

Everyone is heartily encouraged to come party (and even play the game with us) during the event, but what we really need is donations - this whole shebang is for the Stoke Mandeville Spinal Unit so dig deep and give whatever you can. To be fair, their work is slightly more important than jamming on plastic guitars.

Even if you can only afford a tiny amount, please consider giving via the above link or at the event itself. Seriously, the Spinal Unit carries out life-changing work and really doesn't get enough press.

Speaking of dudes that don't get enough press, keep going to check out the maniacs organising this crazy caper...

- Follow him on Twitter or e-mail him
- Visit The Smashing Workshop
- Visit Titty Biscuits, his... er, other site.

"The Meek"

Aylesbury's reclusive, ultra-geeky writer

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- Visit the Blaze Discos website -
- Peruse the site of his cafe/bar, Stars -


Aylesbury's favourite, ultra-studly DJ

As We Go Gently into that Good Night...

Posted by Zeke Iddon 25/06/10

Apologies for the dramatic title. I'm just in that kind of mood.

So, the night before the Guitar Hero World Record Attempt. The stupid idea I had while sitting at my desk fourth months ago (to the day, actually) has finally come into fruition, and it's giving me a funny look. A look which seems to say, "Yeah, you didn't think we'd ever meet in person, did ya? Fool."

I've got so many people to thank for their help getting us to this point, the night before the challenge. So, so many people. But I'll save my necessary, and massively emphatic, outpouring of gratitude until we're through to the other side. It's going to be a long day for Team GH and everyone coming down to support, but it'll be a fun one. Dan will make sure of that (he always does).

On that note - PLEASE COME ON DOWN! We want as many folk as possible to join in the frivolities, whether you come for just the day, the night or the entire 24 hours of it. Visit Dan's Facebook profile for more info. If you're staying overnight, you'll need a ticket. Oh, and there's a fair to even chance you'll be on telly too! BBC are coming down at some arbitrary point.


All proceeds of the event are going to the National Spinal Injuries centre at Stoke Mandeville. We'll be taking donations during, too, so we're hoping to raise a lot BUT WE CAN ONLY DO IT WITH YOUR GOOD LOOKIN' SELVES. If you're not able to make it down, use the button on the right to securely drop a few quid in the pot.


If you're not coming along but literally can't wait to hear whether we make the record or not, follow me on Twitter. The team is using it as both a log for the Guinness adjudicators as well as to keep everyone posted on what happens. You can always follow the even on Twitter even if you are coming, but that would be kind of irrelevant? What are you doing with a laptop in a busy pub? Weirdo.

Still got a lot to sort out for tomorrow. Driving the press machine to get the word out as well as having double my normal workload on this week has left me wrecked. I plan to have a good night's sleep in order to recharge my batteries, but how well can you sleep when you're waking up to this craziness in the morning?

We'll see how we get on.

Thanks guys, I love you all. Sleep well.

Zeke Iddon
zeke [at) smashingworkshop {.} com

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