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Some of the Titty Biscuits highlights! Stuff from the vaults as well as new features, which are updated very frequently. Seriously, I put new features up at the rate of one a minute when I'm peaking.

Guitar Hero World Record
Otherwise known as 'Internationally Recognised Repetitive Strain Injury'. Click the button for the full skinny, or just watch video one and then video two for all you need to know.
Should Zombies Run?
A very scientific study in response to Bill Hussey/Simon Pegg's recent articles.
A Most Curious and Titular Dictionary of Foodstuffs and Their Uses
My first illustrated e-book. HarperCollins wanted to pay me loads of money to publish this in a physical book, but I was all "Screw you, system!
We're giving this to the people for free!". You're welcome.
The God Blog
On the seventh day, God rested. And started a blog.
The Magical Mystery Tour, Part 1
Is it possible to step foot in a country without knowing which country it is? Can you truly get off a plane and not have the faintest where you are in the world?
Hemingway... With Lasers!
Almost everything can be improved with the inclusion of lasers, including timeless literature. Here we see Hemingway 'remastered' with special effects and laser guns.
The Magical Mystery Tour, Part 2
Part two, which deftly follows on from part one (see above). In fact, part two follows on so seamlessly from part one that you'll barely notice the transition.
Paddington Travel Infographic
An infographic I created for Tourdust but which never got published in the end. I assume the guys won't mind me putting it here.
Drawings For Jewel
A series of fan letters for my favourite female singer, Jewel Kilcher. Kinda like Eminem's Stan, but a bit more retarded.
The Wasp
My attempt at Poe-style horror. Completely true story, so think about that while you're reading this in the grip of sheer terror.
How to Dress Like Jack Sparrow
I'm a massive fancy dress fan, with Jack Sparrow being my favourite. At least two people have asked how I pull it off so here's a budget guide to the rather complicated Captain Jack Sparrow costume.
Jobs - My Advice is to Avoid Them.
A discourse on my first foray into the world of labour. The job involved being shot at by deaf men.
The Waterstone's Way
In 2005 a long-serving bookseller was fired from Waterstone's for writing about the company on his blog. I worked at Waterstone's at the time, so I anonymously sent this spoof newsletter to every UK store to show my support.
Fiction Review - The Dictionary
A short review of the Dictionary, as if it was a work of fiction. I sent it to Oxford Press but they responded negatively :(


The Unholy Biscuit was a cult classic fiction and poetry e-zine, archived here for your enjoyment. To this day I'm asked if there will ever be another issue, and good news follows.

The Unholy Biscuit E-Zine

A fiction and poetry zine which ran from around '05 to '08. While an amateur job from my end, the zine was well recieved and attracted some globally acclaimed stars. Will there ever be a sixth issue? Well...

Write for Titty Biscuits
After four years of anticipation, editor Zeke Iddon is finally accepting fiction (no poetry at the moment) for Issue VI of the acclaimed Unholy Biscuit magazine. Also open to writers for Titty Biscuits features, and both are paying gigs. Click for details!
Always a bit shit at drawing but love illustrating and webcomics, so I've never let it stop me from trying to better myself. Here's the output for now, with hopefully more to follow..

Death of Doug

A fantasy-literary-comedy comic about a fiction writer who finds himself enslaved in a dystopian parallel dimension. The whole story is written, but sadly I didn't get around to illustrating the 1000 pages involved. If I ever get spare time, continuing this will be high priority.

Unbustable Chops
Unbustable Chops was a sketchbook of one-offs that I'd use to practise both drawing and my Adobe skills. Some turned out funnier/better than others, but I needed to post them online to give myself some drive.

A collection of the better interviews I've conducted over the years. Hard-hitting journalism, to be sure.

Joseph D'Lacey Pt. 1

Joseph D'Lacey Pt. 2

Jason Viola

Eden Stell Duo

Ross Lee Tabak

Henry Rollins


Zeke Iddon

A random collection of brain-farts that don't really fit in anywhere else.

Money, Music and Piracy
My figures here are probably way out of date here, but it still looks pretty. The most interesting revelation for me was how much famous musicians get paid for a gig (gotta stress that these were estimates).

Mapping Heartache with iTunes Charts
Involved listening to every song in the entire iTunes chart over the course of a year, then deciding whether it was pro or anti love and charting the results. It made me want to kill myself, but the results (and my tangential conclusions) were fascinating.

40 Years On: Eric Clapton and Layla
A bit of humour writing for JGG, as well as a short animation (down the bottom) which makes me wince looking back at it.

(oooh scary!)
Taking a stab at horror writing.

Tour the Movies
A look behind the scenes at the locations which make up 5 modern movies.

The GH Charity Auction
It's closed now, but reminds me of good times.

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